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7 Ways to Prep for Vocal Recording

Proper preparation before a recording session can prevent excess fatigue and injury to the vocal cords, as well as mistakes and repeated takes that can prolong a session for many hours. Here are a few tips on preparing your voice for recording. 1. Know your Part Memorize the part so well that singing it is…

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What to Expect in the Studio

So it’s your very first time recording your own music. Maybe you’ve had this dream your whole life, or maybe it’s a more recent endeavor. Either way, it’s easy to feel as though a lot is riding on this moment. As a recording artist, I can fully relate with the nerves and anticipation that comes…

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Keys To Success

It’s important to have the right tools in this life. Whether you are starting a business, wanting to have a great relationship, or just trying to pursue your dreams. A few months ago, I came up with a saying. “You make yourself look good to make yourself feel good. You keep yourself active to make…

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